Party Like You Don’t Have to Stop

When I was looking for a party bus, I went online and did an internet search for party buses in Toronto. Normally I am not much of a partier; in fact I usually end up being the designated driver. But this time I wanted to be able to have fun and party with my friends. One day when I was watching TV one of the shows had a party bus in the plot of the TV show, and from then on I knew I wanted to try it out, I just needed the perfect occasion to do so.A few weeks later I remember it was my sister’s 40th birthday coming up and I thought getting a party limo bus or just a party bus would be perfect for her. I could invite up to ten of her friends and she and I could go out and party for her 40th birthday. My sister and I grew up pretty close even though she is almost five years older than I am. Continue reading

Trying to Figure out What This Would Cost

I have been trying to figure out what it would cost for us to have a really big night out. Of course this is going to be similar to a bachelor party, but it would just be a big night out on the town. Of course we have an excuse for it, but it is not that much better than any other. I was talking with some person who worked at Platinum party bus rental in Toronto about what it would cost us. Of course they want to have a specific idea of when you want it, how big of a bus you need and how long it is going to be that you use it. Continue reading

Live In Luxury- Cruise Ship Retirements

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